Hello!  My name is Massi and I love traveling with my mom!  We live in Los Angeles and are lucky enough to have wonderful friends all over the world.

My mom really likes nice hotels (I do too) and she says that it’s much easier than people realize to travel in style AND bring along your best friend (that means a dog, of course!)  Although, I’m a professionally trained service dog, mom and I like to always stay at and support hotels that are welcoming to ALL dogs.

So when we travel my mom takes lots of pictures and then I tell her what to write on this blog.  We have lots of fun—sometimes we stay with friends, sometimes at five star hotels and at other times we like to use Airbnb. When possible, my mom puts links in the blog to the hotels or other stuff that we talk about.  If there is anything that we may have forgotten, let us know.

I hope you like my pictures and reviews and following me on my travels!  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!20160818_175412