California Desert!

After my mom and I got back from Europe, we (or actually she…) decided to go out and visit our favorite place in the desert. Pioneertown is so much fun and it’s very close to a national park called Joshua Tree (my mom also said something about listening to some music called “Joshua Tree” or whatever—probably means it has something to do with the band U2 cuz my mom loves U2…)

I LOVE riding in the car with my mom and I especially love road trips!

Also, California got LOTS of rain while we were in Europe and mom says that means there will be flowers blooming in the desert! Well, we did see a lot of flowers, but I guess that there were even more a few weeks before we were able to get out.

This is me waiting in the car while my mom takes a picture of a flower or whatever.  You should never leave a dog in a car without opening the windows and never when it’s hot–but here it wasn’t too hot and my mom left the engine running and the windows open and she didn’t go very far away for only 2 or 3 minutes, so it was okay. (Also, my mom always has a plastic cup with water just for me to drink in the center cup holder of our car!)

We also went to a place called Borrego Springs—that is in a state park called Anza Borrego. Mom said that my grandma and grandpa used to spend the winters out here for many years—my grandpa’s favorite thing was playing golf and my grandma loved to make stuff, especially quilts.

Lots of people stop and take photos in front of this sign, so I wanted to do it too!

While we were in Borrego Springs we stayed at a really pretty hotel called Casa del Zorro! (I also learned that “Zorro” isn’t just that cool guy on TV who wears a mask and can fight with a sword, it means “fox” in Spanish.)  I always chase foxes when I’m in Greenwich so I was excited to chase foxes here too!

These foxes just would not run no matter how hard I tried to chase them!  (Yeah…I do know that they are fake, but if they were real I would still be way tougher and be able to run faster!)
Ha-ha!  I’m totally making fun of this fake fox and pretending to be a statue too!
…and this is me posing on a cool fountain that Casa del Zorro has in the courtyard.
Can you believe that we got to our room and THIS was on our bed?!?
The stuffed fox and I had a stare down…I won!  (I am definitely going to chew on this guy later!)
I definitely won!  (…my mom just put the stuffed fox next to me for the photo, but it is MY bed now!)
I may not go IN the pool, but I definitely like to hang pool-side and wait for snacks!
My mom came by and I thought she was going to make me go swimming, so I hid and knew my Auntie Eva would protect me!  (I love baths and showers, but I HATE going swimming!!)
Casa del Zorro is super nice!  This is me next to the huge fire pit where people sit at night and have drinks and talk about space aliens and star movies and stuff, while looking at the sky.  (Those dumb fake foxes don’t ever get to sit here like I am!!)
Here is me in front of the tennis courts at Casa del Zorro–I would be really good at tennis because I love to chase balls!
This is me and my Auntie Eva hanging pool-side at Casa del Zorro.  I love my Auntie Eva, she usually always has snacks and treats!