I love you, Delta!!

Hello friends! My mom and I are flying to London again!  I love London and all of my friends there so I’m very excited!  Mom is typing this on her phone, so let’s get straight to the photos!

Here we are checking in at Delta One–the people here are SO nice (and that is my mom’s luggage, not mine).


My mom says that I’m a frequent flyer–I just know I always like hanging out in airports!
We saw Santa in the airport!  (I’m not too sure if he is the REAL Santa…but I asked for more treats anyway!)
Mom tries to always get a window seat and I LOVE looking out the window!
We had to stop in Seattle before flying to London and here I am in the lounge waiting for our next flight.  Mom said the Seahawks were playing so she wanted to take a picture of me with the TV in the background for all of our Seattle friends!
This is Anthony and he works at the Delta lounge in Seattle.  I like Anthony and he is my friend now so I asked mom to take a picture of us.  If you are in Seattle at the Delta lounge, please tell Anthony that Massi says hello!
Mom lets me sit on the seat while she is organizing her luggage up above.  I think Delta are cool because these seats are super comfortable (I don’t want to let mom sit down!)
I have a pink blanket that I sit on–either on mom’s lap or the floor.  Mom really likes Tumi luggage and so she was really happy that the Delta travel kits are from Tumi.
Mom really likes champagne…