Ojai Valley Inn and Spa–Ahhhhh!

It’s only an hour and a half drive from my house in Los Angeles to a cool place called Ojai!  We stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa—definitely one of my new favorite places!

The hotel is spread out over a huge area and surrounded by a beautiful golf course.  There is also access to a bike and walking path that goes in one direction to downtown Ojai (about a mile—we walked there) and in the other direction it goes all the way to the ocean.

We went to the hotel for three nights just before Thanksgiving and there were lots of people and kids and other dogs too!  All of the people who worked there and the visitors too were so nice and happy.  I was a very good girl and listened to my mom so I was able to walk without my leash in some areas!  Mom took a lot of photos so I’ll explain below.

20161123_150917-120161123_150652-1Look!  A dog house right in front and a bone shaped sign welcoming four legged friends–we LOVE pup-friendly, five star hotels!!20161123_131305Isn’t this pretty!?!  The white building is where our room was!20161120_165057This was in the room when we arrived–bowls, water AND TREATS!!  (there were also some bags that mom uses to pick up after me when I go outside–because I’m a very good girl and NEVER go inside).20161121_162206We were both very happy with our room which was super big and really comfortable             (I couldn’t resist sneaking on the bed–shhhhhh!)20161121_162405The patio outside was one of the biggest I’ve seen, but the best part is in the next photo!20161121_193926_hdr-1I loved the warm and comfy fireplace–it made me sleepy but happy. (…and no, that’s not my wine glass next to the fire–it’s mom’s).20161120_142544This is the fun grass area where I could play (without getting too close to the golf course).  This place is right in front of the pub (mom likes pubs) so it worked out great–mom could read and have some wine and I could play and lie on the grass in the sun!20161120_152740-1This is my uncle Norvy and I love him!  He and my auntie Tara were visiting from Sweden.  The Ojai Valley Inn was a great place where we could all spend time together!20161123_131128I was very sad when we had to leave–especially because they were just putting up this gigantic Christmas tree!!  Bye Ojai Valley Inn and Spa–mom promises that we will be back soon!!