I LOVE Virgin Trains!

I’ve been on trains in France and Portugal, but riding the train in the UK is SO easy—and it’s free for me!

Mom said we are going to a place called Haworth and it’s in an area called Yorkshire (it’s supposed to be really beautiful and have lots of places for me to run!).  First, however, we have to take a train from the London King’s Cross Station to a city called Leeds (not to be confused with the word the UK people say instead of dog leash—they call a leash a “lead” over here…which doesn’t make sense, since “I” am the one normally doing the leading!!)

It’s quite common for dogs to ride on the train in the UK so people don’t stare at me as much because they are used to it.  Today we are riding on Virgin Trains and there is a special on weekends to upgrade to First Class for not much more money, so mom decided to definitely ride in First!  There is a special lounge in the train station for First Class and the people who work for Virgin are very nice and made sure to bring me some water to drink—thanks nice Virgin people at London King’s Cross!

img_20160730_133844This is me on the train!  The people who work on Virgin Trains are all super nice–they all stopped by to say hello and pet me!

20160806_153735Mom put my blanket on an empty seat so I could look out the window–thanks mom!