I’m in London!

All those plane rides took a really long time and we changed the time (or something like that, I didn’t understand but when we got off the plane, it was the next day!!).    A really nice lady came on the plane to check my microchip and fill out forms.  Finally my mom and I were able to leave the plane and walked to a place with really long lines (but we didn’t have to wait–I think maybe they knew I needed to pee). A very serious man looked at a little book that mom had and then stamped it.

More walking, more people, more elevators and finally we went to the place where our luggage was going round and round (our luggage is mainly mom’s stuff and she has a LOT of stuff…but my bed is in there too so I was patient and waited.)

The plane landed in an airport called Heathrow and it’s in a place called London.  With our luggage on the big wheel thing, we walked very fast to go outside, but it was really hard for mom to finally find me some dirt or grass (I was a very good girl and waited until I was outside before I went pee).

A car drove up to us and it was my Uncle Hedley–I never met him and I could smell another dog on his clothes, but I still loved him.  Riding in cars is the best, but this car was confusing because I sat on mommy’s lap on the wrong side!!  I’m never supposed to sit on the left side of the front seat, but here it was okay?  It was so much fun because everything smelled different–mom said we were going to a place called Greenwich.

When we arrived at Uncle Hedley’s house I got to meet my Auntie Debbie (she is really nice and I love her too–she talks funny like Uncle Hedley).  I was so excited…but then there was another DOG!!  She is bigger than me and her name is Jura.  I was a little nervous at first, but she seems pretty cool. Jura walks pretty slow and limps a little bit—I think that means she is older.

There is a big backyard here and I can smell fun stuff so I need to go now and check it out–bye!

img_20160602_000033This is Jura and me in front of the fireplace at Auntie Debbie and Uncle Hedley’s house.  Jura isn’t that scary, but I’m still careful and respectful around her.  Mom said she is named after a whisky from Scotland–I don’t know what any of that means, but I heard mom say Scotland is a place that we are going soon to visit more Uncles and Aunties!