Flying with mom to Europe

Guess what?  I flew on THREE planes today!  Mom said I did great and I had a really fun time.  The longest ride was almost 7 whole hours!  We stopped in a place called Seattle–I like Seattle.  I was really happy because there was a special place for dogs to go to the bathroom INSIDE the airport!  I asked my mom if she could say “thank you” to the person at Seattle Airport who put the inside bathroom there–I love that person!

On the third plane, mom said we were flying over LOTS of water, but I just slept and played with the flight attendants and they fed me steak—yum! img_20160530_150520This is my mom and me on the plane to London.  Mom really likes champagne-I tried it once when I was little and I didn’t like it at all!

img_20160530_152640The flight attendants were SO nice–I love flight attendants!  (Flight attendants are the nice ladies and men who bring you food and drinks and treats on the airplane, but mom said the real job of a flight attendant is to make sure we are all safe–kind of like how my job is to keep my mom safe.)

Here is a picture of two really nice ladies.  I’m not smiling too much only because I wasn’t ready for the photo (mom laughed and said I was doing my “duck face”, mmmm, I love duck!).  You see, I had to pose for a LOT of photos because all the people who worked on the plane came to take pictures with me.

img_20160530_151509Mom says I’m a little attention ho–I don’t know what that means but I’m having fun!